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We are 7 Oceans, a music institute based in Agartala, Tripura.

Agartala, by extension Tripura, has always cherished music to its fullest, be it Local Folk, Hindustani Classical, Bollywood, Rabindra Sangeet, Rock, or EDM. But, There has always been a lack of a true address where music students of the state can go to find the answers they seek, regardless of the genre or style. Students pursue music out of love, but often unfortunately they are exploited in the name of education. We hope to bridge the gap, and provide a platform that will eventually be the "go-to" place for all music learners and enthusiasts of the state and beyond.

Our Name

Mastering a single note requires a lifetime of sādhanā. Each note is as expansive as an ocean, and with seven notes, we become a collective of seven vast oceans. Thus, we are 7 oceans!

A symbolic image of a deep sea diver representing the vastness of music education and the dedication required to achieve perfection

Meet the Team

In a serendipitous blend of friendship and shared musical passion, two unique individuals, Dimi and Sumit, founded a remarkable music institute. Their bond as college friends, combined with their love for music, enterpreneurship and ultimately life, propelled them to address a common problem in music education.

Dimi, eager to learn, turned to Sumit for piano lessons, solidifying their musical connection. Recognizing their shared outlook towards life and entrepreneurial spirit, they embarked on an extraordinary journey. Meticulously crafting a space that blended tradition with innovation, an environment that facilitates a transformative music education experience.


With unwavering determination, they refined their teaching methods and processes that run the venture and assembled a team of skilled instructors and team members who shared their commitment. Their passion and love stands before you today as, 7 OCEANS.

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