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Hawaiin Guitar

Hawain guitar, A popular instrument used for playing rabindra sangeet
Image by Matt Seymour

The instrument that can evoke the entire gamut of human emotion, and take the lead without saying a word. Want to create music that stirs the soul and ignites the imagination? Our Hawaiin Guitar class is where the magic happens. Let your fingers glide across the strings. From haunting melodies to enchanting ragas, the Hawaiin Guitar can do it all. Don't just play an instrument, become the instrument. Join us and unlock the full spectrum of musical expression.


Before Admission : Students who are under the age of 9 or have previous experience are required to participate in a meeting/audition.

After Admission : 

In-person Classes: Students are required to bring their course materials and music books to their music classes. Additionally, they should have a Hawaiian guitar suitable for their grade/level.

N.B : Students  ARE REQUIRED to bring their own instruments to the in-person class.

Virtual Classes: Students need access to a computer with internet connectivity for online classes. They should also possess a Hawaiin Guitar corresponding to their grade level.


Our institute takes a flexible approach to learning, following a hybrid curriculum. We don't have a fixed number of classes, as we focus on providing a comprehensive musical education that covers a wide range of topics. Here's an overview of what our curriculum entails:

  1. Theory and practical: Our Hawaiin Guitar course explores both indian notation system as well as the staff notation system to have a global understanding of music. using this knowledge we will be exploring various melodies and musical pieces at different complexity levels to gain a solid understanding of how to play the instrument.

  2. Cross-Subject learning: In line with our holistic approach, we introduce students to recording, editing, and arranging a full song. This multi-lateral approach enhances their overall understanding of music production.


  • No Certification exams are available for the Hawaiin guitar programme

Group classes provide an option for the Student to learn in a collaborative atmosphere. Where they can get feedback from their 

peers, while being guided by a mentor


Class (at centre)

Time: 90 minutes per class (Approx)
Registration Fees: 1200 INR
Monthly Fees: 1000 INR
Number of classes:  1 per week

Students are provided one or more options to select from a range of different day and time of the week. Students selects anyone and attend the recurring weekly classes.

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