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Indian Flute

Image of one of lead instructor from 7 oceans centre of music playing a beautiful song in Bansuri or as commonly called Indian flute
Music Instrument

Breathe life into your musical journey with the magical sound of the Bansuri. 

Come, feel the notes of Hindustani classical flute dance upon your heartstrings. Join our class and immerse yourself in the deep, rich melodies that have been passed down through generations. Our experienced teachers will guide you in discovering the secrets of the raagas, and how to make your flute sing with the soul of Lord Krishna himself. Allow your breath to become the conduit for the divine music that flows through the universe. Experience the magic of Hindustani classical flute and let it transport you to a realm of truth and beauty.

WHY 7 Oceans?

we offer a supportive and inspiring learning environment where you can explore the beauty and power of this ancient musical tradition.

we believe that learning the Indian flute is not just a musical skill, but a transformative experience that can help us connect with our inner selves and the world around us. Enroll in our class and discover the joys of playing this enchanting instrument.

Indian musician practising his bansuri flute in dawn


Before Admission : Students who are under the age of 9 or have previous experience are required to participate in a meeting/audition.

After Admission : 

In-person Classes: Students are required to bring their course materials and music books to their music classes. Additionally, they should have an Indian Flute/ Bansuri suitable for their grade/level.

Virtual Classes: Students need access to a computer with internet connectivity for online classes.


Our institute takes a flexible approach to learning, allowing students to follow the Bhatkhande curriculum. We don't have a fixed number of classes, as we focus on providing a comprehensive musical education that covers a wide range of topics. Here's an overview of what our curriculum entails:

  1. Theory and practical: Our Bansuri/ Flute course follows a structured curriculum based on Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth. Students learn foundational techniques, rhythm patterns, and compositions. The program covers various raags, aalaps, khayals, drupads, and more. With experienced instructors and disciplined practice, students develop a strong foundation for advanced Hindustani classical music.

  2. Western Music: Complementing the Bhatkhande curriculum, we introduce students to the Staff notation system, broadening their musical comprehension with a global perspective.

  3. Cross-Subject learning: In line with our holistic approach, we introduce students to recording, editing, and arranging a full song. This multi-lateral approach enhances their overall understanding of music production.


  • As of now we don't have exam facilities now, We are planning to incorporate very soon.

Group classes provide an option for the Student to learn in a collaborative atmosphere. Where they can get feedback from their peers, while being guided by a mentor


Class (at centre)

Time: 90 minutes per class (Approx)
Registration Fees: 1200 INR
Monthly Fees: 1000 INR
Number of classes:  1 per week

Students are provided one or more options to select from a range of different day and time of the week. Students selects anyone and attend the recurring weekly classes.

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