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Cute young girl holding an ukelele, one of the cutest and most fulfilling instrument anyone can learn at our music school.
Image by Sergey Zigle

Looking to impress your friends at your next bonfire?  Then sign up for our ukulele class and learn to strum those tiny strings like a pro! No more twangy, off-key renditions of "give some sunshine." from 3 idiots. With our expert instructors, you'll be playing tunes that will have everyone singing along in no time. So grab your sunscreen and your sense of humor, and let's make some sweet music together! (Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee increased popularity or successful romantic pursuits).


Before Admission: Students who are under the age of 9 or have previous experience are required to participate in a meeting/audition.

After Admission : 

In-person Classes: Students are required to bring their course materials and music books to their music classes. Additionally, they should have a Ukelele suitable for their grade/level.

N.B: Students are NOT REQUIRED to bring their own ukulele to the in-person class.

Virtual Classes: Students need access to a computer with internet connectivity for online classes. They should also possess a Ukelele corresponding to their grade level.


Our institute takes a flexible approach to learning, allowing students to follow the RSL (Rock School of London) curriculum. We don't have a fixed number of classes, as we focus on providing a comprehensive musical education that covers a wide range of topics. Here's an overview of what our curriculum entails:

  1. Theory: We cover the basics, intermediate, and advanced levels of music theory. From understanding staff notes and chords to exploring complex modal interchanges, our curriculum covers it all.

  2. Practical Skills: Students develop their practical skills in playing their chosen instrument. We provide guidance and instruction from the fundamentals to advanced techniques.

  3. Indian Music: Alongside the Trinity curriculum, we incorporate the Indian sargam systems and the Bhatkande notation system. Students learn about fundamental ragas, thaatas, and taalas specific to Indian music.

  4. Cross Subject learning: In line with our holistic approach, we introduce students to recording, editing, and arranging a full song. This multi-lateral approach enhances their overall understanding of music production.


  • Rock School of London exams available: Our institute prepares the students to appear for RSL exams

  • Flexible exam options: Students can choose their own exam timing and grade level.

  • No prerequisites: Prior completion of grade levels is not required to appear for higher grades.

  • Optional exams: We understand that exams may not be for everyone. At our institute, exams are not mandatory.

Group classes provide an option for the Student to learn in a collaborative atmosphere. Where they can get feedback from their 

peers, while being guided by a mentor


Class (at centre)

Time: 90 minutes per class (Approx)
Registration Fees: 1200 INR
Monthly Fees: 1000 INR
Number of classes:  1 per week

Students are provided one or more options to select from a range of different day and time of the week.
Students selects anyone and attend

the recurring weekly classes.

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